Online Faith Formation Registration

Faith Formation Registration is a 2 step process. Please follow all steps below.

STEP # 1

Complete the online registration form. Click HERE for ONLINE Registration Page

When you have completed all the necessary fields, please click "submit" then proceed to the payment page link below.

Your registration will not be processed unless you proceed to the payment page. All payments must be made in full. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is completed. You will then receive another email once you have completed the payment section. Thank you! Registrations will not be accepted without payment. Please complete the payment section.

Payment is made using a secure link. You will need to calculate your own total. After you click submit, proceed to to step # 2 below.


Reconciliation/Eucharist: Children who have not prepared for these sacraments in 2nd grade will have to journey through OCIC-Order of Christian Initiation of Children to receive these sacraments. If you would like to register for OCIC, please contact Teresa Neuman.

Confirmation 1 (9th grade) and Confirmation 2 (10th grade): If a learner is not in 9th or 10th grade and you are registering for the Sacrament of Confirmation, please contact Teresa Neuman.

Step # 2 - Payment instructions:

Please click here to pay your family’s Faith Formation tuition using a credit card. You will be directed to a VANCO a secure payment website.

Proceed to Payment page 

You will need to calculate the total and enter the amount.

The rates are as follows:

Grades Pre-K to 8: $95 (family cap of $220 only applies to these grade levels)

Reconciliation and First Eucharist: Add $60 to the Grade 2 registration fee of $95

C1 and C2: $160

All online registrations must be paid in full. No partial payments will be accepted.

If you need financial assistance, please contact Teresa Neuman at 651-621-1565 or tneuman@churchofstpatrick.com

A completed electronic communication form will need to be completed  FOR EVERY STUDENT. 

- Please click the link below to download the form.

- Please return the compled form prior to or on the first day of classes.

Electronic Communication and Photo Relese Form